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"Self-development occurs to the extent that indigenous peoples have the autonomy to decide on their future, and this is only possible when indigenous peoples own, dominate and above all, have control over the territory”
Representative of the Nasa people
, Cauca, Colombia.

Welcome to our Documentation Centre

In this section you will find useful training and study materials on current issues about indigenous communities. All included documents are published subject to their respective authors’ rights. All documents and materials created by Almáciga are under a Creative Commons license.

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Almáciga, with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation (“Fundación Biodiversidad”) has compiled and systematized reference, informative and working materials on the issue of indigenous peoples and protected areas. These materials have been included in a CDRom for its distribution in different multilateral forums and workshops. Documents can be accessed in Spanish onlyThe CD was designed as a tool for those indigenous communities and organizations in Latin America, and support organizations, wishing to go in depth into the issue of protected areas in connection with indigenous peoples’ rights. The materials are aimed at improving full and effective participation of indigenous peoples in the decision-taking process on the protected areas regime, particularly regarding the negotiations about such protected areas being developed in the national, regional (Latin America) and international (CBD and discussions within the IUCN) levels.

The CDRom has several folders, structured in three groups: reference materials, informative materials and working materials.

The first folder contains reference materials on the processes relating to protected areas and indigenous peoples’ rights that are being developed in the multilateral and regional level, particularly in the region of Latin America. Special focus has been placed on two essential multilateral processes: negotiations held in the frame of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The second, “informative materials” folder, contains case studies prepared by indigenous organizations, support organizations and other relevant bodies, along with publications on the issue.

Lastly, the third folder contains working materials in Power Point format, that can be used by indigenous organizations in training workshops on protected areas and indigenous peoples’ rights.

In this site you may find some of the documents and the complete list of materials included in the CD. Those people or organizations with an interest in any specific publication or material can request it from Almáciga through the contact form available in this web page. We will be happy to get in touch with you.

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Presentations and support materials

Almáciga makes available for indigenous and support organizations presentations and materials that can be used in training and education on the rights of indigenous peoples. We hope they are useful. You can access the documents through the links included in the bottom of this article.

Thanks to the support of the Human Rights Office of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Almáciga created a CD compiling working materials and documents for training on the human rights system and the rights of indigenous peoples. The documents can be accessed in Spanish only